Machine design

We develop prototypes as we carry out design work, manufacturing, installation and start-up of machines or mechanisms for different sectors such as automotive, power or pharmacist.

Through these machines we offer unique solutions to each particular situation, by automating processes, or improve existing ones, which translates to our customers in a reduction in costs and an improvement of your productivity.

Example of projects:

Manufacture and installation

We offer our customers a comprehensive service including design, manufacturing, installation and start-up of each and every one of the projects that we undertake.

Our high degree of demands and strict internal controls make all of our products are of high quality and have a perfect finish, managing to meet the needs of our clients at all times.

Likewise, and in those cases in which the project requires it, also take care of the installation and set up, counting with a team with extensive experience and highly professional.

Works in stainless steel

We specialize in doing work in stainless steel. That is why part of our production is dedicated to decoration, through the manufacture of elements for commercial or residential use such as for example:

And in general any product or decoration piece, using as raw material stainless steel, either alone or in combination with different materials such as glass or wood.